Best Jeweler In Prescott

Best Jeweler In Prescott for the finest diamond engagement rings

The Best Jeweler In Prescott has been one of the most trusted names in jewelry in the Prescott region. We are a well-established jewelry store that has grown with our community from a small store to a multiple brand jewelry retailer. We have served generations of families as their trusted jeweler for brilliant diamonds, beautiful fine jewelry, elegant watches, and treasured gifts, custom made styles and expert jewelry repairs. 

The Best Jeweler In Prescott is committed to make every customer "feel at home" with our personalized service and our classic to cutting edge jewelry designs. Our years of experience and services have built a legacy of integrity and trust with our customers. The color of the diamond plays an important factor when you are choosing a diamond. There are a variety of colors that are available in stores, with green and pink diamonds being harder to locate due to their rare forms.

Fine Diamonds Prescott jewelry and women are said to be complimentary to one another. Women are able to enhance their beauty with sparkling fine diamond jewelry, and the different beautiful colors that diamonds have just make the women seem so gorgeous and irresistible. This is the main reason why many women love to have fine diamond jewelry as gifts. Women have the habit of collecting different pieces of fine jewelry, and they are always eager to add your gifts to their collection. This explains why most jewelry sellers used women as their main advertising models.

Diamond Anniversary Rings Prescott is considered to symbolize the eternal bond of your commitments. Traditionally, in celebrating your vows of marriage on your 10th or 50th anniversary, a diamond ring signifies that bonding pledge of love and devotion to one another. The celebration of an anniversary dates back to the medieval times between the royalties.

A diamond Anniversary Rings Prescott either is usually set in a white, platinum, or yellow gold band. The more popular setting is to use three diamond stones inlaid into the gold band. The three diamond gemstones are representative of the past, present and future of your devotion and unsurpassed love for each other. Although, it is not uncommon to see anniversary bands that have diamonds inlaid around the entire gold ring.

Types of Wedding Bands Prescott include traditional, antique, hand-woven, and personalized wedding bands. A traditional women’s diamond wedding band is often designed with simplicity and with one diamond. Although simple in design, there are many kinds to choose from. For example, you can choose a band with a classic claw-like prong or a simple single-band bezel setting that holds the diamond.

A professional full service jeweler will be able to evaluate your pieces and recommend the appropriate repairs. However, Jewelry Repair Prescott services are not only for the extreme issues. Bring your jewelry into the repair department is very much akin to bring your car in for an oil change. We all know that it has to happen every so often but, we keep putting it off until the oil gets extremely dirty. When you start to see the clarity of your engagement ring diminish, it's time for a little service stop.

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